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Blue Planet has a low cost design for an electrical power generation system that can be constructed on any site to provide electrical power for dozens or hundreds of homes in third world countries. The system also pumps and purifies water. In addition to electrical power, it produces steam for heating and for industrial processes.

The system does not use expensive solar panels. It uses arrays of 144 12" x 12" mirrors mounted on a fiberglass mirror holder that is 12.5 feet by 12.5 feet. The fiberglass holder aims all the mirrrors at a central point where a special target container has water pumping through it which is turned to steam. The light collector is welded together from available angle iron and tracks the sun. Generally two or more collectors will power one or more steam engines turning generators which provide power directly during the day and charge batteries for power at night.

The mirror holders are made using a wooden form that can be taken from site to site to manufacture the mirror holders out of common fiberglass.

Excess steam can be used to pump and purify water, provide heat to buildings and provide steam and heat for various industrial processes. A larger number of arrays could also power heat pumps and provide refrigeration and air conditioning more efficiently than could electrical power.

Each mirror array is projected to provide 5,000 to 10,000 watts of power.

The system is also designed to survive EMP events and would survive far better than would solar panels.

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